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CT Scan: Your caregiver has ordered a CT (or Cat scan), a computerized x-ray that allows your physician to look at “x-ray slices” through your body which gives more detailed information than a regular x-ray. It is also capable of looking at soft tissues better than a regular x-ray. The exam takes about 30 minutes. The table allows a patient’s weight limit up to 300 pounds.


  1. For abdomen/pelvis: Get oral contrast from radiology. No eating or drinking after 9pm the night before the exam. Take oral contrast at times instructed by radiology.
  2. Looking for kidney stone: No eating after 9pm the night before the exam. No contrast. Drink water only and come to appointment with a full bladder.
  3. Chest: No eating after 9pm the night before the exam.
  4. Other CT scans: no prep unless specifically instructed.

IV Contrast: May be injected during the exam. The IV contrast is often very safe but may make you feel warm or give you a funny taste in your mouth. If you have had an allergic reaction to the IV contrast in the past, please talk to your provider right away, you may need some pre-medication set up. Your provider may need to check lab tests before IV contrast is given and must take you off certain medications such as glucophange, glucovance, riomet, furtamet, glumetza, metaglip or advandamet for 48 hours after your scan.


  • Drink enough water and fluids to help flush the contrast dye out of your body.
  • Do not breastfeed for 24 hours after having a CT scan, if this applies.
  • Get help right away if you have any symptoms that are getting worse such as pain, redness, or swelling from IV contrast.

If you have any questions please call the radiology department at 683-6406.

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