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CHI Lisbon Health Future Endowment

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CHI Lisbon Health Foundation can assist you and your financial advisor as you plan your family’s future. We offer a full range of planned giving options that may help you achieve your goals.

Confronting Challenges

Confronting challenges head-on has always been a way of life in North Dakota. Although the times have changed, our region continues to be faced with a growing need to provide solutions for today, while laying the foundation for the future.

Since its beginning, CHI Lisbon Health has delivered on the promise to provide high-quality, compassionate healthcare to people in the region. As we face the future, we are committed to securing this promise by building a firm financial foundation that will provide predictable, consistent support for our mission and ministry. As has been the case since the hospital began in 1952, our partners in the region will once again play a critical role.

In order to enable CHI Lisbon Health to secure the promise of quality compassionate healthcare, CHI Lisbon Health Foundation has established CHI Lisbon Health Future Endowment. This endowment will ensure a stable base of support that will forever serve to provide resources the ministry requires.

Medical Education and Training

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are the lifeblood of our hospital. We have been blessed, since the Hospital began, to have literally thousands of committed professionals who have worked to provide the quality care our patients deserve. The costs associated with medical training and on-going continuing medical education can be a significant hurdle to overcome, at times becoming an obstacle to a successful career in medicine. As we look toward the future, we believe that by supporting the educational endeavors of students from our region, we will be better positioned to recruit and retain healthcare professionals who desire to make this region their home. Additionally, by enhancing the continuing medical education experience for all direct patient care staff, CHI Lisbon Health will increase employee satisfaction and help ensure that we continue to deliver the highest quality patient care. CHI Lisbon Health Future Endowment will enable the hospital to partner with current and prospective healthcare professionals to provide the financial resources that are necessary to further their healthcare career and long-term commitment to CHI Lisbon Health.

Patient Care Technology

Advancements in patient care occur on a continual basis and encompass a broad range of systems. Enhanced patient care systems have been shown to make a dramatic positive impact on the quality of patient care, patient safety, and overall patient satisfaction. During the course of a given year, needs for new or additional equipment often arise, without an associated source of funding. CHI Lisbon Health Future Endowment will enable our healthcare providers to make use of state-of-the art healthcare advances and provide an even higher level of care than is possible today.

Patient and Visitor Experience Enhancements

The hospital strives to make each patient visit as pleasant as possible. There are many aspects of a hospital visit that can be enhanced by changes in the environment. Minor facility remodeling, enhancements to patient services, and other on-going changes can greatly enhance the experience that patients and visitors have when they visit CHI Lisbon Health. CHI Lisbon Health Future Endowment will provide the necessary resources to allow us to tailor the hospital environment to the needs of those we serve.


We ask that you consider supporting the longterm vision of CHI Lisbon Health by becoming a partner with us in CHI Lisbon Health Future Endowment. Your generous support will sustain our mission and ministry and forever secure the promise of quality healthcare for all people in the region.

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