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Hello Humankindness

At CHI Lisbon Health, we believe humankindness is at the root of all healing – providing care on a human level, courage when it’s needed the most, and a connection that is ever present among us all.

We can help you right here in Lisbon.

CT scans and digital mammograms. Surgery. Cardiac rehabilitation. Overnight care until you’re ready for home. You might be surprised to know we can meet most of your medical needs right here, saving you the long drive to Fargo. So for medical care let us help you with your outpatient tests, rehabilitation and emergency medical care.

We Can. We Care.

We can help you on the road to recovery.

Want family and friends close by when you need care overnight or longer? We can help. We’ll give you the support you need close to home. Whether you need nursing care or physical or occupational therapy, our team here at Lisbon Area Health will work with you to help you recover.

We Can. We Care.

We can take your images right here in Lisbon.

Want a digital mammogram? A hassle-free MRI? An ultrasound without the drive? That’s our job. Here at Lisbon Area Health we have advanced imaging systems. So let us help you with your imaging, hospital and rehabilitation needs.

We Can. We Care.

If the unexpected happens.

Having a place close to home where you can receive emergency care isn't just about convenience, it's a necessity. Lisbon Area Health Services is here to handle your emergency care needs, 24 hours a day, every day.

Because We Care.

Here at Lisbon Area Health Services.

A familiar face is part of our team. Let us help you with your outpatient, inpatient, rehabilitation and emergency needs. We are right here, next door.

Because We Care.

Accessible and Convenient to get to!

From a sore throat or sports physical to your annual preventative health checkup, we offer convenient scheduling as well as walk-ins. Onsite lab and radiology in house help lead to quality and timely care.

Because We Care.

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Securing the Promise : Quality Healthcare for the Region
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AED Annual Reports

AED Locations received through CHI Lisbon Health Foundation

  • Lisbon Rural Fire Department
  • Lisbon Police Department
  • Ransom County Sherriff’s Department
  • Parkside Lutheran Home – Lisbon
  • Maryhill Manor – Enderlin
  • Ransom County Courthouse
  • Good Shepard Lutheran Church – Englevale
  • Lisbon Eagles Club
  • Bear Creek Lodge – Verona
  • Fort Ransom Community Hall

Explanation of Sudden Cardiac Arrest:

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a condition in which the heart suddenly stops beating. Blood no longer flows to the brain and other vital organs. SCA can be fatal if not treated within minutes.

SCA is a leading cause of death in the U.S. and the American Red Cross estimates 350,000 people to experience SCA in the coming year. Improved access to AEDs and training could potentially save 50,000 lives annually.

Time is of the essence when a person is experiencing an SCA, and emergency treatment with a defibrillator can be lifesaving. The Red Cross calculates that every minute defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival is reduced approximately 10 percent.

  • Local training was provided by American Red Cross



Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) office of Rural Health Policy awarded Mercy Hospital Devils Lake an award for Rural Access to Emergency Devises grant. Under the leadership of Mercy Hospital-Devils Lake, the project includes 12 CHI Fargo Division facilities. The total estimated cost for the AED Collaborative project is $1,034,720 over the next three years. Of this, HRSA has awarded $198,061 in federal funds in the first year, with the remaining year one cost of $143,080 to be provided as a match from the CHI Fargo Region facilities. The award is for 12-month budget period with 2 additional allocations for the remaining two years, providing $595,920 of potential federal assistance over the three year period.

Securing the Promise : Quality Healthcare for the Region