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Most MRI machines are large, tube-shaped magnets which create detailed images of the organs and tissues within your body. When you lie inside an MRI machine, the magnetic field temporarily aligns the water molecules in your body. Radio waves cause these aligned particles to produce very faint signals, which are used to create cross-sectional MRI images — like slices in a loaf of bread. There is a 350 pound weight limit.

INSTRUCTIONS: Do not wear clothing that contains any metal. If you do, you will be asked to change into a gown. All metal including jewelry, piercings, phones, firearms, keys, money, etc, must be removed before going into the scanner.

*You cannot have a MRI if you have a pacemaker. Other previous surgeries containing metal may not be allowed in MRI or cause too much artifact that compromises the quality of your test, please call us to give more information.

*If you are claustrophobic you need to inform your doctor so that you can be given medication before the exam.

If you have any questions, please call our radiology department at 683-6406.

Securing the Promise : Quality Healthcare for the Region