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Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear medicine scans use a special camera (gamma) to take pictures of tissues and organs in the body after a radioactive tracer (radionuclide or radioisotope) is put in a vein in the arm and is absorbed by the tissues and organs. The radioactive tracer shows the activity and function of the tissues or organs.
Each type of tissue that may be scanned (including bones, organs, glands, and blood vessels) uses a different radioactive compound as a tracer. The tracer remains in the body temporarily before it is passed in the urine or stool (feces). There is a 300 pound weight limit. If you are over this limit please call your provider.

INSTRUCTIONS: Bone Scan – no prep

Cardiolite Stress Test – No eating or drinking for 4 hours before exam. Wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes. Please bring a list of all your medications.

Hida Scan – **patient must first have a negative gallbladder ultrasound prior to hidascan** Please eat a fat free meal the evening before the test. No eating or drinking after midnight.

You will be contacted the afternoon before your exam to confirm the time you come in for your injection. You will then be told what time to come back for your scan, usually 1-2 hours.

If you have any questions, please call our radiology department at 683-6406.

Securing the Promise : Quality Healthcare for the Region